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Modular Jewelry

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Because Energy isn’t the Only Renewable Thing...

Imagine jewelry that can shapeshift, transforming from casual to fancy, blue to green, in the blink of an eye. Actually, you don’t have to imagine at all. Modular jewelry, seen in this year’s offerings from jewelry fashion lines like Kendra Scott and Talia, has made this a reality. Modular jewelry is a versatile innovation that allows you to interchange individual jewelry pieces to customize their look to fit any occasion.

Of course, this is the inspiration behind the Michael-Alexis line. For example, our Mini Halo in Gold can be attached to any stud to add extra color and complexity to your look. The customizability and flexibility of these halos allow you to fit any occasion without the hassle of having to put on a whole new pair of earrings. This also helps you to keep up with modern trends without having to buy new pieces every time. For instance, our Silver Pave Halo can be added to gold earrings to follow the rise of the mixed metals trend of wearing silver with gold. Fine gemstones, like a classic diamond stud, can also be used to bring new life to an old favorite. Of course, our modular combinations don’t just end with our halos. Adding any of our Jax Dangles to a stud, without or without a halo, to take 4 pieces and get 8 different looks that will take you from your work out to a night out. It also saves money while keeping you on top of new trends!

Another growing trend is layering necklaces. While layering is nothing new, pairing combinations like a chunky necklace with a thin chain or a dainty pendant with a bigger one, is trending and appears to be heading into Fall 2023 styles as well. We don’t want to be left out, so look for Michael-Alexis' new line of pendants that will allow your creativity to bloom!

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