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Create Something Extraordinary

Customization is all about you. From an elegant wedding to a corporate event, we have the ability to create something memorable and a style that’s truly your own. In fact, we have over 8,000 combinations of stones, cuts and colors. Start with a simple inquiry below and let us know your thoughts.  Our team will work with you to create something extraordinary!

We know how important this is to you. In fact, it's why we created Michael-Alexis in the first place. At the time of her son’s wedding, our founder and chief designer Anne-Marie wanted to celebrate with her treasured anniversary diamonds and felt they could use something extra for the special occasion. Inspired by the functionality of earring jackets, Anne-Marie designed custom gemstone dangles and halos to embellish her studs without having to alter them altogether and adding to the memory of the gift she received years ago.


Friends and loved-ones took note and that is why we are here: to make memories with you. 


Timeless & Classic

We have a variety of stone colors and classic gemstone cuts for you to choose from for your custom collection.  We also offer a collection of pearls and many other designs that are in the studio.

Explore our options below and start a conversation with us today.


Find the Perfect Cut

Choose from Vibrant, Special-Order Colors

When you create a custom order, you have many more color options that what is currenly offered in the studio.

Explore a variety of examples above.  Due to the lab-creation process,

actual colors may vary from screen and will be customized for your order.

Create a Custom Inquiry


Tell us about you:

Tell us about what interests you:

What color of metal interests you?
What pieces are you interested in discussing?
What style interests you from The Jax Collection?
How do you feel about color?

Thank you for your inquiry!

We look forward to getting back to you as soon as possible within a few business days. 


Feel free to reach out to us here or on social media! Thank you.

* Please note, the "Round" gemstone is currently only offered in our line of studs and not The Jax Collection dangle. 

If you would like to use round gemstones in your custom dangle, please be advised that the request is possible with additional time and resources.

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