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Convertible Jewelry | Why should you be following this trend?

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Have you ever been on a trip and realized there’s an event you didn’t plan for? You can make something work with the clothes you packed, but what about your jewelry? Convertible or modular jewelry can easily keep you covered for any situation. With evolutionary pieces like modular earrings, necklaces that also serve as bracelets, and pendants that can be converted into broaches, now is the time to start looking into lifetime jewelry pieces that will change your collection.

Convertible or modular jewelry can be found in current trends with multiple fashion jewelry brands, like Kendra Scott and Michael-Alexis, offering it as a cost-effective way to keep your closet updated. So, why should you be following this trend?

Cost Effective

By investing in additive jewelry like Michael-Alexis’s Starter Set, you are investing in a lifetime of jewelry pieces. With the option of interchanging the pieces, wearing the studs alone, studs with the halo, studs with the Baby Bella dangle, or the studs, halo, and dangle trio, you have an earring for every occasion saving you money long term.

Never Ending Ideas

With convertible jewelry, you will never run out of ideas for new looks. Pieces have the ability to stand alone or be interchanged with new or existing pieces leaving room for limitless color combinations. Add an Annette Dangle or a pearl stud to the Michael-Alexis Starter Set and you automatically add 3-4 new looks! Whatever your preference, modular jewelry offers limitless combinations of styles for every outfit.


With jewelry trends changing over time, having modular jewelry allows you to use your favorite, older pieces to easily stay up to date with trends. Are you curious about what’s trending? Stay tuned by subscribing to make sure you always have the latest style information at your fingertips.

Finding the right piece of jewelry that complements your style will change your closet. Your future self will thank you for investing in lifetime convertible jewelry, as it will never go out of style.

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