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5 Tips For Holiday Travel Packing

At any time of the year, packing can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to fit all of your clothes, accessories, and toiletries into a carry-on. Add holiday travel stress to the mix, and the whole process becomes overwhelming. Don’t worry, these five tips will help to maximize your suitcase and save space for what actually matters.

1. Make a List

This sounds simple, but it will make a world of difference when determining what you actually need to pack. You can make your own list, or search google for a pre-made list for different occasions like the beach, skiing, etc.

2. Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to help to keep everything organized and compressed during a trip. They are an inexpensive but impactful tool when it comes to your suitcase. Once you use packing cubes, you’ll never go back!

3. Wear Your Luggage

Especially if you’re going somewhere cold, wearing your luggage is a huge space saver. Choose your heaviest or bulkiest piece of clothing and wear it on the plane. Whether it is a winter coat or a chunky sweater, this frees up space in your suitcase for other things.

4. Pack For Versatility

Choosing items that mix and match make it possible to get many outfits out of a few pieces. Taking some foundational neutrals like your favorite denim, a black shirt, a crisp white button-down, and a couple of sweaters allows you to diversify your outfits without taking your entire closet. Read more about using pink as a neutral this year.

The same thing applies to jewelry. This is where Michael-Alexis sets come in handy. The Baby Blue and Blush Baby sets let you create multiple looks with 3 simple pieces. It includes the choice of a Blush, Blue, or Pearl Stud, Mini Halo, and Sofia Dangles. Plus, these sets include a travel case, which brings us to our final tip for you.

5. Invest In Travel Cases

Having a good travel case is key to keeping your jewelry and toiletries organized! Cases with a simple and compact design, like the Michael-Alexis Travel Jewelry Box, with an elegant look, will keep all of your jewelry in its place and ready for when you need it.

6. Space To Spare

Leaving a little room for extra goodies on the way home. Especially when traveling for holidays, you will definitely need some space for gifts. Also, remember that your original perfectly folded clothes are very unlikely to pack quite so flat on the return.

Your future self will thank you for following these five tips when you are packing for your upcoming holiday trip. Visit the Michael-Alexis blog for more helpful holiday fashion tips. And don’t forget to follow Michael-Alexis on Instagram and subscribe to our mailing list to receive regular updates and exclusive offers.

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