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You are UNIQUE!

Updated: May 20, 2022

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

I’m often asked for my advice for Moms who work outside the home. Recently, my first thought was “Is work outside the home still an appropriate term or label?” Then, I think, “Label? Well, even that is not a positive word”. Then, I think, “Hmmm, regardless, there are a lot of labels for Moms in the workplace” which brought me to this thought, “Let’s try a few":

· Work outside the home Mom.

· Work from home Mom.

· Working Mom.

· Part-time working Mom.

· Full-time working Mom.

· What do you call a Mom who owns her own business who offices out of her

home or her studio is in her home?

· How about a Mom with adult children who is pursuing a new career?

· Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Now, I still haven’t answered my own musings as to the appropriate terminology and am still bugged by the word “Label”.

So, I finally landed on this…. Earlier, when I said, “Labels for Moms in the workplace--Let’s try a few,”... Let’s not! My advice? How about we kick labels to the curb and change the narrative and language! There are so many unique and fascinating journeys for women, who are mothers, AND in the workplace, let’s celebrate that narrative! My advice? Let’s try positive language like:






Elegant and Endearing

YOU are unique! AND…each of you are on a never-ending, fascinating journey of your very own. I love the storylines that range from my First Year College students, like Sherry, who wants a family while also managing a Major League Baseball Team. Then there’s Bev, a middle level manager, who I coach, who delights in embracing all that both her tween and teen children and career have to offer. And finally, Anne-Marie Kendra, founder of Michael-Alexis Jewelry, who while her children were adults began her business, and trust me, she will tell you that she is still a Mom!

Labels, "schmabels". My advice? Simple. Let’s create the narrative and use the language that celebrates the unique and fascinating lives and journeys of women, everywhere, who are Moms AND in the workplace.

Hip Hip Hooray!

About the Author: Cathy lives in Dallas, Texas. She is the founder of CPG Leadership Solutions, An ICF Certified Executive Coach, and Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University (SMU). She is a Mom!

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