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Travel Jewelry Tips

On the road again! After two years of social distancing and “stay-cations,” it seems like everyone is traveling this summer. From trips abroad (Italy seems to be a particularly popular destination this year) to beach get-aways, it’s time to get out and engage the world again.

As you are packing for your long-anticipated and deserved trip, don’t forget to put some thought into the best choices for your jewelry accessories. After all, you definitely want to take your friends and family along with you as you post, and making sure that you look as good as you feel is easy with just a few simple tips to consider.

Leave Fragile Behind

No doubt, like everyone, you have your favorite pieces, but if they aren’t sturdy enough to handle the tossing and tumbling of travel, it's best not to risk damaging them on your trip. Gemstones, like rubies and emeralds, are good durable picks. Antique jewelry and thin chains are also best left behind, ensuring that they will be around for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Versatility is Key

Layering classic pieces is a timeless travel practice for clothes and accessories. A few staple pieces, mixed and matched, allowing for a multitude of looks while taking up a minimal amount of space in your luggage. Stay on-trend for 2022, by packing a pendant necklace and a long chain. Wear these pieces independently or together for a variety of looks. Doubling the long chain with the pendant can add yet another dazzling option to your travel wardrobe.

And don’t forget that diamond studs are always a girl’s best friend! Especially when on the go, genuine or faux, you can’t go wrong. Pairing this classic with modular pieces like the Jax Collection dangles and a halo from Michael-Alexis will give you four different looks and the ability to move seamlessly from day to night.

Play it Safe

Before you pack your jewelry, get into the practice of checking clasps and settings to make sure your pieces will be secure. Now would also be a good time to invest in a travel pouch. Soft cloth pouches will keep your pieces separated and scratch-free.

Last, but not least, put your jewels in your carry-on bag. After spending the time and effort to prepare for your trip, you definitely want to ensure that your pieces arrive safely with you at your destination.

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