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The Top 5 Fall 2022 Fashion Jewelry Trends to Look out For

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

With the hints of a slightly cooler breeze, and the upcoming glimpses of orange, red and pumpkin spices, the fashion jewelry trends for Fall 2022 are out with some exciting new changes as well. Here are the five biggest jewelry trends for Fall 2022!

Statement Florals

Jewelry pieces displaying floral designs have been making frequent appearances, such as Wes Gordon’s oversized floral necklace worn by Carolina Herrera. Floral patterns are very diverse and can be added to all sorts of accessories - rings, bracelets, earrings, you name it! Try our Lexie Stud, a flower within a flower to take it a step up from the norm.

Go Big or Go Home

Large gemstones, thick chains, and significant designs are all part of the bigger jewelry trend taking over this Fall season. Jewelry that catches your eye due to its size can be a great addition to any Fall outfit. For instance, our Jaime Dangles are a simple flower, but big enough that they won’t be hidden behind your hair. They’ll make all your Fall looks pop!

Don’t Hide Your Sparkle

Let your jewelry reflect your inner sparkle. Glitter and glimmer are the trending way to make a statement this Fall 2022! Our Marie earrings are perfect for this, with three separate gemstones to give you triple the sparkle. It also comes in six different colors, allowing you to personalize how you want to shine.

Stack. Stack, Stack

Similar to the concept of layering, stacking jewelry seems to be on the rise this coming Fall. While layering is mainly wearing the same type of accessory in different sizes, stacking is mostly about “stacking” the same accessory in the same size. This creates a more prominent look, such as Chanel’s stacked bangles appearance on the fall/winter 2022 runaway. Our Round Studs paired with the Mini Halo is the perfect way to follow the stackable trend.


Chandeliers are gorgeous light fixtures that dangle from the ceiling, catching the eye of anyone who enters the room. Fall trends have taken this concept and put them into earrings, turning you into the center of the room whenever you wear them. Our collection features multiple chandelier-style earrings, such as our Crystal Chandelier, to make sure you light up the room and dazzle everyone wherever you go!

Let Michael-Alexis help prepare you for the changing seasons and stay up to date with the upcoming Fall jewelry trends!

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