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Summer Jewelry Care

One of the worst feelings is finding that small patch of discoloration on your favorite ring. Jewelry tarnish can easily happen if you are not careful, especially in the summer! All the sunshine, pool water, and sand is good for the soul, but not for jewelry. Here are some summer jewelry care tips to beat the heat and the rust!

Keep it Afloat

Avoid getting chlorine or salt water on your jewelry! Chlorine or salt water is not a friend to jewelry, causing discoloration of metals and erosion of gemstones and their shiny polish. Plus, unlike Kim Kardashian, your diamond earrings will stay safe in your bag instead of the bottom of the ocean.

Clean the Bling

After each wear, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe off your jewelry. Just a drop of mild soap and warm water whether the jewelry is fine or fashionable works well. Pearls should only be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth. If a piece needs serious cleaning a professional is always best or a jewelry cleaning machine can be purchased. Make sure that your jewelry is completely dry before storing, especially if you’re packing for a vacation! Check out our essential Travel Jewelry Tips for more advice on what to take and how to properly pack jewelry.

Lotion is for your Skin, not your Jewelry

Keep lotions, sunscreens, and other moisturizing or oily products away from your jewelry. They add an unpleasant film, making it look dull. Also, make sure your skin is dry before putting your accessories back on!

Light like the Sun

Keep your choices of jewelry on the lighter side, like thinner chains and simple rings. Lightweight jewelry matches the summer vibes, and can help keep you cooler than heavy or chunky jewelry! Gold jewelry complements sun-kissed skin especially well, such as our Lexie Dangles in Gold.

Following these summer jewelry tips will maximize your fun in the sun while minimizing jewelry deterioration!

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