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Nature is Timeless

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

I love flowers!! Doesn't everyone? And in fashion, flowers seem to never go out of style. When drawing my first designs, flowers were at the top of the list. After many renditions, I remembered an old pair of flower studs I had that were made of resin. I'm not sure what kind of flower they were, but that is how we came to our current design. And we love how they turned out.

When our first prototype arrived, my daughter Alexis, whom we call Lexie, really, really loved them, so they became her name-sake. We now make Lexie Studs and a matching Lexie Dangle. Lexie likes mixing metals, so she will wear a silver stud and a gold dangle, or vice-versa. Brilliant!!

My daughter-in-law Jaime really loved the larger version we experimented with, and so they were named after her. Our Jaime Dangles are truly our statement piece and can make any outfit, from jeans to an LBD spectacular!

We even took the flower theme one step further, to create a mini-halo shaped like a flower. Our customers love wearing their gemstone studs or even pearl studs with these minis to add sparkle to an already elegant look.

What has happened over time is that the Lexie stud, which can be worn alone or with literally any of the dangles we make, has become a staple piece. With it, you can uplift any design, or just keep it simple.

The basis of our design makes big pieces easy to wear because the dangle hangs off the post of your stud, not the hole in your ear. It allows us to create large pieces that we know you will be able to wear for hours.

Just like in nature, flowers in jewelry go with anything and fit any occasion. But, unlike in nature, our flowers last forever, and they make great gifts! One of my favorite customers gave her niece a pair of our Rosy Dangles in Sky, our light blue color when she had a baby boy along with a pair of gold Lexie flower studs! Giving any Mom-To-Be a special gift to celebrate her new baby is a stroke of genius. We have a beautiful pink stone we call Blush too for girls.

We invite you to search our flower garden. Remember, starting with the Lexie Studs will give you a great basis to add on and be spectacular! Be sure to join our subscription list to receive regular discounts.

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