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Mixed Material Jewelry: The Next Big Trend?

In case you haven’t noticed, layering and stacking jewelry is the most popular trend when it comes to jewelry this year. The next step in this trend is mixing materials in your everyday pieces. While most people tend to lean toward one metal over the other, might we suggest combining the two? This can look like layering two different pieces or choosing a piece that already incorporates the two tones for you.

Make it Look Creative

In 2022, there is so much room for freedom to elevate your look. Stacking rings, bracelets, and necklaces may be trendy, but there is also an art to it, and mixed metals are the key. Don’t be afraid to layer a dainty gold necklace with a silver or rose gold necklace of similar weight. These two metals will complement each other and create an attractive look.

Another tip for stacking is adding a pop of color to your set. All pieces from the Signature Jax Collection come in six color options, giving you the opportunity to select, mix, and match. Color draws your eye to the piece and creates a pattern for the other pieces to fall into.

Keep in mind that piling on a bunch of pieces around your neck and your wrist might confuse your look. Instead, focus on layering just necklaces and pair them with one simpler bracelet and earrings. You could also do the reverse by stacking multiple bracelets for a fabulous wrist party or make the focus on statement earrings and keep it simpler around the neckline. Striking this balance through stacking is critical to achieving the right mixed material style.

Make it Look Cohesive

While mixing metals is a definite style upgrade, make sure the look is cohesive throughout all your jewelry. Earrings are a great way to pull everything together.

Michael-Alexis’s line of mixed material earrings is the perfect solution to creating a cohesive look. The decadent pearl dangles, accented with a gemstone stud, not only look stunning but pull together the mixed material look perfectly.

All Micheal-Alexis pieces are available in gold and silver finishes. For an additional option, the Jaime Dangles and Lexie Dangles come in polished and matte finishes, giving you even more ways to add texture to your look.

Make It Look Easy

We all know the popular “no effort” look sometimes requires a lot of effort. Choosing a few key foundational pieces gives you the ability to look like you spent thirty minutes picking out your jewelry, in an effortless way. For an easy and stylish look, stack the Michael-Alexis silver Mini Blossom Halo with the gold Lexie Dangle. You’ll also be on trend this season by adding floral touches to your look.

So, go ahead and break the rules this season with a look you can easily achieve. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with the addition of mixed material earrings from Michael-Alexis. Stylish, striking, and effortless. You won’t regret it!

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