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Is Pink the New Neutral?

“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed!” - Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

We’re not arguing that orange should be the new pink (thanks, Elle Woods!), but we are convinced that pink can be worn as a neutral, especially in the cooler months, when many people tend to gravitate towards a neutral wardrobe.

This usually looks like sticking with gray, navy, camel, and white. Recently though, we have been pleasantly surprised at the versatility of pink pieces to hold their own with many neutrals. Not only do they fit in, but they pair beautifully. Light pink provides a soft feminine edge to this season’s colors like Pacific Ocean Blue. It also warms up cooler, minimalist white and gray outfits with its subtle undertones and has the power to break the brashness of black.

With this in mind, try incorporating light pink as a staple in your wardrobe and finding the perfect pieces like a pale pink cami, opaque blush tights, or a dab of pink with your jewelry. Michael-Alexis’ newest Baby Blush Set adds value and versatility by infusing pink and pearls into your Fall wardrobe accessories. Pearl or Blush studs paired with just the mini halo is a great look for daytime. Add the Sofia Dangles in Blush, and you are ready to seamlessly transition to an evening out anywhere! And as always, pink can be your pop of color when dressed in a great neutral like black or white. Pop it, with Blush Annettes and maybe a pink scarf. Beautiful!

So as the weather gets cooler, don’t push your pinks to the back of the closet. Consider giving your autumn and winter wardrobe that rosy glow by adding a touch of pink. Go ahead and grab a pair of blush earrings or a pale pink jacket and show the world how pink can be neutral. You won’t regret it!

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